Pellworm, North Frisian Island

read the related chapter 9 in our book: Surviving below the sealevel, DE link Pellworm, North Frisian Island, Pellworm and Süderoog are part of the small island group left over from the big flood of 1634 where thousands of people died and the North Sea coast was torn into pieces. Like the Netherlands theland needsContinue reading “Pellworm, North Frisian Island”

Green Association, Bulgaria

Green Association, Bulgaria. What connects us is the love of nature in all its aspects. Our main goal is to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection. Green Summit is a flag project of Green Association which focus on the big ideas for the small settlements. We support the organization of series of events, promoting livingContinue reading “Green Association, Bulgaria”

OURganic Gardens, Ireland

OURganic gardens. A community led social enterprise based in Gortahork , Co Donegal . Empowering the community , Growing OUR food and creating a sustainable future . OURganic Gardens is based on a four acre small holding with vegetable and fruit gardens and a mature woodland. We run educational course on the environment and relatedContinue reading “OURganic Gardens, Ireland”

Traditional orchards, Transylvania

read the related 6 related in our book: Herbs, health and policies, RO link Traditional fruit varieties orchards in Odorhei Region, If you are travelling through the Odorhei Region you will see how the traditional landscape is dominated by fruit trees. The villages are surrounded by traditional fruit ‘forests’, with all sorts of different heritageContinue reading “Traditional orchards, Transylvania”

Mediterranean Diet Route, Algarve

read chapter 5 related to this post in our book: In Loco – here in this place, PT link Mediterranean Diet Route -Rota da Dieta Mediterrânica – Med Diet Route, Algarve, stimulates the cooperation of farmers, artisans, restaurants, hotels and other local actors that aim to support sustainable rural tourism and local food. It emphasisesContinue reading “Mediterranean Diet Route, Algarve”

Lesachtal, Carinthia

Lesachtal, Carinthia. ‘From the corn field to the Lesachtaler bread’ – that’s one of the events you can book in the Slow Food Alpe Adria Travel region to which the Lesachtal belongs. Maria Luggau with its old watermill still in place is a perfect place to experience the whole process from planting wheat to bakingContinue reading “Lesachtal, Carinthia”

Global Field, Berlin-Brandenburg

Global Field Pankow is situated in the “Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow” near Berlin. It is part of a global network based on the realization that if we were to divide the global surface of arable land by the number of people on the planet, we would each get 2000m² (half an acre). For more than 3 yearsContinue reading “Global Field, Berlin-Brandenburg”

Località il Piano, Umbria

Località il Piano. Nestled in the Appennine mountains of Umbria, Italy, Località il Piano is a family-run teaching farm dedicated to sharing our vision of sustainable agriculture. We host over-night guests, educational tour group activities and volunteers. Whether you are interested in activities like stomping wine grapes, milking a goat, or a lazy picnic inContinue reading “Località il Piano, Umbria”

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, Spain

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, Andalusia. The foundation was created in 1992 animted by the World Exposition EXPO’92 in Seville. The aim was to put into practice with a concrete example what had been declared in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 as “sustainable development”. The adventure of a sustainable and ecological development in an Andalusian ecosystem –Continue reading “Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, Spain”

Kalavan, Armenia

Kalavan, is a small village in Gegharkunik province of Armenia, a community development model for others. link of Kalavan to ABCD Innovation Center? ABCD Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which works with an approach that catalyzes change and development based on utilizing the existing gifts and capacities of young people and their communities. WeContinue reading “Kalavan, Armenia”