Kalavan, Armenia

Kalavan, is a small village in Gegharkunik province of Armenia, a community development model for others. link of Kalavan to ABCD Innovation Center?

ABCD Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which works with an approach that catalyzes change and development based on utilizing the existing gifts and capacities of young people and their communities. We are mostly implementing projects aimed at empowering young people, developing their communities, helping community members to understand the role of the humanity in the protection of the environment and promotion of the sustainable development.

ABCD Innovation Center has huge experience in organizing various non-formal education projects in Kalavan village. Two years ago we decided to establish a social enterprise called Hooga House that is located in Kalavan village and implements rural tourism development projects and consequently addresses women and youth unemployment issues among rural people. Some of the rural young people work in the social enterprise, others do guided tours, young artisans conduct master classes for tourists and sell their products in the souvenir shop and other youth sell their agricultural products to the social enterprise like milk, fruits, vegetables etc. Basically we created a rural tourism social enterprise that affects the lives of almost every single young person in the area.




Kalavan, a small village in Gegharkunik province of Armenia…

The village is 1600 meters above sea level, having graveyards and stone-century outdoor stations in the surroundings. The archaeological monument Kalavan 1 dates back to the 14th millennium, and Kalavan 2 is more than 34 thousand years old.

The closest railway station is less than 1 hr away. You can find more travel information on the Hooga Guest House wesbite link


When it comes to travel planning these are the offers you can choose among:

Languages spoken: AM, EN


Visiting this place you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

  • Agriculture
  • ecovillage/ smartvillage
  • self organised community
  • organising of events, trainings

In case you have a special question related to the place you can submit your request here:



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