Green Association, Bulgaria

Green Association, Bulgaria. What connects us is the love of nature in all its aspects. Our main goal is to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection.

Green Summit is a flag project of Green Association which focus on the big ideas for the small settlements. We support the organization of series of events, promoting living in small communities with environmental care.
Hosts of these events are the local people or communities, who have the opportunity to share their lifestyle with all its benefits and misfortunes. Thus, promoting social commitment at the local level, helping to protect the environment and climate. They are entrepreneurs in severe social conditions, showing that everything is possible, if you have strong motivation.
The main obstacle that people face, being in a small community is the lack of social life and this provokes our initiative. Green Summit is an event based platform which raise awareness of the environmental ideas of these communities and promotes their unique sustainable lifestyle.

Events consist of social, educational, artistic, sport, cultural and other activities that engage young people to spend their time in a beneficial way outside the rush of the big city and closer to the nature. We believe that the participants in Green Summit may self-organize through the platform and mutually benefit, sharing knowledge and resources for better life.



Green association is active with its activities and projects in different regions of Bulgaria. The organisation is located in the region of Sofia, Bulgaria



When it comes to travel planning these are the offers you can choose among:

Languages spoken: BG, EN, IT


Visiting this place you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Permaculture
  • Seed saving
  • organising of events, trainings
  • selforganised community
  • part of Living Utopia
  • part of Horodeya

In case you have a special question related to the place you can submit your request here:


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