Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, Spain

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, Andalusia. The foundation was created in 1992 animted by the World Exposition EXPO’92 in Seville. The aim was to put into practice with a concrete example what had been declared in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 as “sustainable development”. The adventure of a sustainable and ecological development in an Andalusian ecosystem – the Dehesa – had begun. Since then it follows the tradition of managing the dehesa: the Spanish name for grazed oak groves, which are mainly found in the southwest of Spain.

The philosophy of the exploitation of the Dehesa ecosystem is sustainable and ecological, i.e. traditional exploitation methods are applied in order to provide a source of income for the population that lives off the agro-silvo-pastoral resources. At the same time, these methods aim to conserve and enhance the natural resources.

Apart from agro-ecological farming, the Foundation is intensively involved in training, research, the implementation of regional and international development projects and the marketing of Dehesa products.



Fundación Monte Mediterráneo is located in Andalusia, North of Seville in the region of san Francisco in Malaga.

There is a bus service available from Sevilla or Mérida or Badajoz to Santa Olalla del Cala (Huelva)

From the village (Santa Olalla del Cala) we offer pickup service.


When it comes to travel planning these are the offers you can choose among:

Languages spoken: ES, EN, DE


Visiting this place you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

  • agriculture
  • agroforestry/ forestry
  • agrosilvopastoralism
  • transhumance
  • direct marketing

In case you have a special question you can submit your request here:


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