Cob / αειphόria, Nessonas

Cob / αειphόria, Building with earth, Nessonas. In our test site in Nessonas, Larissa, we are experimenting with natural building, natural farming and self-sufficiency. Since the project started in 1999, the farm has been cultivated using natural farming methods. Without any grand or systematic care, a very special and self-sustaining ecosystem has evolved which numbersContinue reading “Cob / αειphόria, Nessonas”

OURganic Gardens, Ireland

OURganic Gardens is based on a four acre small holding with vegetable and fruit gardens and a mature woodland .We run educational course on the environment and related themes as well as hosting a community garden and volunteers to the gardens. We are in the process of starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and alsoContinue reading “OURganic Gardens, Ireland”

Porto di terra, Sicily

Porto di Terra, Sicily, is a small organization whose mission is experimenting agroecology and permaculture through sustainable community life, non-formal education, small scale food production and eco-tourism. The non-profit organization is also linked to national and regional rural development networks, such as: WWOOF, permaculture regional network, the network of schools of the mountain area whereContinue reading “Porto di terra, Sicily”