Obelisk Farm, Latvia

Obelisk Farm. The Obelisk Farm story began when a young family of four – Andris, Débora, Gabriela, and Fredis – moved from London to the Latvian countryside with just a handful of seeds and a big dream. We were searching for a more nature connected life. As we settle in a 2.5-hectare organic farm nestled in the eastern part of Latvia, Latgalē region – at Obeliškas village and with a flourishing grasp of farming, hemp growing became a priority here at the farm. Why hemp? You may wonder… We believe that hemp is one of Mother Nature’s most extraordinary plants, we have no doubt that hemp can and will feed, clothe, shelter and heal the entire world.

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Obelisk farm address is Gulbji, Obeliškas, LV-4614 in the middle East of Latvia

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Obelisk farm is a place you can visit as… offers you can choose among:

Languages spoken: LT, EN, PT


Visiting this place you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Hemp production
  • Organising of events/ trainings

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