OURganic Gardens, Ireland

OURganic Gardens is based on a four acre small holding with vegetable and fruit gardens and a mature woodland .We run educational course on the environment and related themes as well as hosting a community garden and volunteers to the gardens. We are in the process of starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and also host Erasmus students and Workaway volunteers. We can offer a broad aspect of running our social enterprise. Co Ordinator Joanne is also involved in Community Gardens Ireland and her local Donegal Community Gardens Network aswell as the Donegal Environmental Public Participation Network and various Permaculture projects throughout the country. OURganic Gardens is currently on the Irish SeedSavers Seed Guardian training for this year and they are looking forward to becoming a Seed Guardians for ISSA.




OURGanic is located in …

(The farm is located at 800 mt in the area of the Madonie Regional Park, a mountain area surrounded by small villages.)… short description

.. to be added: more information on the location, travel options, best time for travelling


When it comes to travel planning these are the offers you can choose among:

Languages spoken: IT, EN


Visiting this place you can make rich experiences in the following fields of activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Permaculture
  • Agroforestry/ Forestry
  • Seed saving
  • ecovillage/ smartvillage
  • self organised community
  • organising of events, trainings

In case you have a special question related to the place you can submit your request here:



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